All About Airflow Teeth Cleaning

All About Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Do you dread those yearly dental cleanings? If so, you should try the new Airflow Teeth Cleaning method that is sweeping the nation. This technique removes stains and discoloration caused by drinking staining drinks such as tea and coffee. It also removes smoking stains. Using a machine with a mixture of water, compressed air, and powder particles, this technique involves no scraping or picking. It also takes less time. The powerfully controlled water jet is able to reach all areas in the mouth including the deep periodontal pockets that are sometimes missed with older techniques. This has become the preferred technique to clean teeth before sealing and bonding.

With the superior cleaning ability of airflow cleaning, there is also improved patient comfort. It is virtually painless. This fast, non-invasive method enables dental patients to feel more relaxed about their dental care. This technique creates no heat and almost no vibrations. By using the non-toxic powder, it does not leave the gritty taste in your mouth that older methods did. You can even choose flavoring with this polishing technique.

Another plus is this method reduces sensitivity after your procedure. If you already have sensitive teeth, this is the way to go. With no direct contact with an instrument, sensitive teeth are less likely to hurt. In some cases, this technique helps rebuild minerals for damaged teeth.

Airflow teeth cleaning is about three times faster for removing plaque and stains than traditional techniques. To a patient, this means less time in a dental chair and a beautiful white smile.

After having teeth cleaned, most patients have their teeth polished. This follow-up procedure still holds true today. There is just a newer and more efficient way of polishing now. Air Powder Polishing is the new method of polishing cleaned teeth. It uses no instruments, but is directed with air flow and powder. It is more efficient than earlier versions. It also takes less time. The older method was a step by step, tooth by tooth process, that lengthened the dental stay. This newer method is much faster and reaches places in the mouth that dentist and instruments couldn’t.

When choosing an air powder polishing powder, there are several that are used by most dentist today. The oldest powder is the bicarbonate-based powder. Used since the 1970’s, this powder has completion from powders that are less abrasive. A glycine-based powder is an alternative that has proven to be less abrasive and is a favorite among dentist.

Each year, scientifically improved powders and techniques are found. Dentistry has come a long way in a very short amount of time. Dentist know more about how to treat dental problems. They know better ways to keep patients comfortable and relaxed. Yearly dental checkups are a good practice for having healthy teeth. Knowing there are different ways to keep your mouth healthy and looking good encourages patients to continue these processes.

Dental health has been linked to overall health. The connection between dental health and overall health is strong. Continually improving methods and techniques is a great way to encourage patients to continue on the path to better dental health.