The Top Ten Ways to Know if You Are Grinding Your Teeth at Night

The Top Ten Ways to Know if You Are Grinding Your Teeth at Night

Grinding your teeth can become a very serious issue, especially, if it’s not taken care of right way. How many of you out there do actually grind your teeth? Sometimes it becomes rather difficult to know if you are doing it. There are ways to tell if you are doing it. Some of you might be doing and not even know it right now.

Below you will find a list detailing about ten signs of grinding your teeth at night.

1) Do your clench your teeth and/or jaw lat at night? This could be happening for a number of reasons. Some do it out of stress. Some do this out of being nervous or anxious a lot. It all depends on the person and their circumstances. If you are doing this too, then you could be falling into this category.

2) You could have teeth that look worn down. They might even look chipped and fractured in certain areas.

3) How do you know if you grind your teeth? Your tooth enamel is also worn down. It’s worn down to the point of being exposed and looking ill. Some people get to the point where they begin to expose the deeper layers of their teeth. If this is happening to you, you really need to get this taken care of.

4) Your teeth tend to become more sensitive over time. Each of you will deal with this in different ways. Every person’s mouth is different. The idea though is that your mouth becomes a little too sensitive. How sensitive? It gets to the point where you can’t ingest anything hot or cold, without your mouth freaking out. Have it checked out, if this is happening to you. Your mouth might appear fine, but, underneath your mouth is crying for help.

5) Your jawline and/or the muscles get tense and tighten up. This will happen every so often. If you begin to feel a tenseness, have it checked out. This tenseness could be a sign of things to come later.

6) Your jaw is feels and looks tired. I am not talking about something that happens every so often. I am talking about a feeling that happens all the time. You will be able to tell if this is happening to you or not.

7) You begin to get ear infections and hurting a little too often. Tried and hurt jawlines tend to have an impact on the ear. If you ear has become compromised in this way and on a regular basis, then you have a problem.

8) We all get headaches and facial pain for different reasons. Some of you might be wrestling with this right now. Are you? Sometimes it’s not even caused by stress or things of this nature. It could be a sign that your are grinding your teeth. I have been through it myself. If your headaches begin to appear more frequently and at an intense rate, you need to book an appointment with your dentist.

9) Are you getting damage on the inside of your mouth? Sometimes, when you chew food on the inside of your mouth, it can cause damage to your cheek and jawline. This happens a lot with those who grind their teeth. This is not something which will happen once in a while. This will become a frequent issue. It will become an issue to the point where you can’t chew anything. If this is you, then you need to speak to your dentist.

10) The last sign might not be as noticeable. Do you have little indentations on your tongue? If so, you need to have it looked at. These indentations are a sign that your grinding has become out of control.

Please book an appointment with Dr. Owens to have your mouth, gums, and jawline looked at if you have concerns. It might not be anything. However, it’s better to deal with it now, then have it build up and become a major issue later.