A beautiful smile is the key to confidence. Kids and adults with crooked teeth often feel uncomfortable smiling and showing off their crooked teeth, which often results in a lack of self-confidence. Braces are one of the most common methods of correction, but they’re not always something kids or adults want in their mouths. Straight teeth make for more beautiful smiles, and braces create straight teeth. One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding braces is they are for kids, but that’s not always the truth. Adults need braces, too. The process of getting braces is the same no matter your age, and the end result is worth the time you spend working on your teeth.

Perfect teeth are not an indicator of how well you care for your teeth and gums. Plenty of kids and adults have wonderful teeth, but they grow crooked. Teeth tend to do what they want to do, and corrective measures are how we end up making smiles straighter. If your dentist notices that your teeth seem to be coming in crooked, you’ll be recommended to an orthodontist. The orthodontist is a braces specialist who evaluates your mouth and makes a decision as to whether or not braces are needed.

What Do Braces Do?

Braces do a very complex job with a very simple explanation. They take your crooked teeth and they straighten them. The pressure of the braces on the teeth manipulates them into the correct spot. Your dentist sees you regularly to tighten the braces. This helps them move the teeth into the position your dentist wants them. It’s simple manipulation, and it currently works faster than ever.

The metal portion of the braces help make them straight. Braces also come with rubber bands. These are used to ensure your teeth line up properly, and they are commonly found in people whose teeth do not align. Some patients need additional help with their teeth, and they need to wear something called headgear while they sleep to help align the teeth properly.

How Long Do You Need Braces?

It’s probably the most common question patients ask regarding their braces. There is not an answer for everyone. Two years is the most common length of time, but some patients need them longer and others don’t need them nearly that long. It depends on your personal dental circumstances.

The better care you take of your braces, the better your teeth look and feel. You still have to brush, but the job becomes more difficult as braces attract food. The good news is that braces don’t hurt, and they’re not difficult to wear. They’re not fun, but a few years of having braces on your teeth is worth the years of beautiful smiles you have afterward.

What Kind of Braces Are There?

Not all braces are made the same. There are the very common metal braces that you see in old photos of your parents and their friends. Those are big and bulky, and they are very noticeable in your mouth. Braces have come a long way since you or your parents needed them, and they’re far less noticeable these days. Smaller more capable wires are used. They come in different colors that include clear. Some braces even go behind your teeth to make them completely unnoticeable from view. Even better is that braces are now made so well and with such high-end materials they work faster and you can have them removed that much sooner.

The process of getting braces is fairly simple. It doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t hurt. Your dentist will recommend an orthodontist to adhere your braces and make it possible for you to smile big. Adults wear them, too. It’s not a big deal, but the end result is unquestionably desirable.

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