Pediatric Dentistry in Orem

Pediatric Dentistry in Orem

Pediatric dentistry concentrates on the dental health of children. Pediatric dentists provide care to infants and teenagers alike. Professionals who work in the pediatric dentistry field are equipped with extensive knowledge that pertains to the mouth, gums and teeth of children. They understand children’s teeth based on specific childhood stages. Pediatric dentists often treat children up until they’re 16 years old.

People who wish to work as pediatric dentists must attend dental school for four years. They also require a couple extra years of comprehensive residency training.

Children typically start getting their baby teeth by the time they’re six months in age. They begin losing their baby teeth when they’re six to seven years in age or so. Lost baby teeth make the way for permanent teeth. Children are just like adults in that they’re susceptible to potential dental problems. If a child doesn’t receive proper dental care, he or she may experience issues such as oral decay. Dental disease could occur as well.

Pediatric dentistry is essential for youngsters of all different age groups. It isn’t unusual to see children who are merely a year in age at dental checkups. Pediatric dentists generally suggest that children begin receiving checkups when they’re roughly a year old. These visits can help children become used to the concept of dental care. Pediatric dentists generally conduct “knee to knee” examinations on extremely young children. They let children relax while sitting on their parents’ laps during checkups. One major goal of these early visits is to give children the chance to familiarize themselves with dentists. Pediatric dentists want children to view dental professionals as being kind people.

Pediatric dentists typically give children and their parents many options in treatments. Pediatric treatments generally concentrate on preventive care. Preventive care involves the application of topical fluoride, cleaning sessions and overall screenings. They also sometimes involve extraction or restorative assistance. Other common pediatric dentistry treatments include tooth cavity management, dental trauma care, habit counseling, teeth straightening evaluations and gum disease management. Pediatric dentists assist children who suffer from gum ailments such as pediatric periodontal disease, mucoceles and ulcers. They provide diagnoses for children who have oral ailments that are linked to medical problems including asthma, congenital heart defects, diabetes and hay fever. They even assist children who have all sorts of dental injuries. Children can experience dental trauma in the form of tooth fractures and displacement.

Parents should make sure their children receive routine pediatric care all throughout their childhoods. Lack of pediatric dental care can often lead to negative oral health consequences. If a child is in the midst of a serious dental health problem, he or she may exhibit several telling signs. The child may not have any desire to eat food. He or she may develop conspicuous facial swelling. He or she may have a fever as well. These symptoms can point to a broad range of potential dental concerns. If a child has appetite loss, there’s a good chance that intense dental pain is affecting his or her drive to eat. A swollen face can also denote a dental infection. If you notice swelling by your youngster’s jawline, that’s a sign that he or she needs urgent assistance from a pediatric dentist. The presence of a fever can also point to an infection. Parents should never wait around to seek dental attention for their children. Delaying attention from a pediatric dentist could make the situation worse.

If you’re a parent who suspects for any reason that your child needs to see a pediatric dentist, give our Orem office a phone call as soon as you can. We aim to provide children with the finest and most in-depth oral healthcare experiences possible. Contact us now to request further information.

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